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Correct Churches Can Be Sooooooo Wrong

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



"It is more therapeutic to be forgiving than to be correct."

Jinny Worrell

    America and her churches are being sucked dry of the rivers of living water because we/they are obsessed compulsively with being correct at the expense of obedience to His command to love and forgive.

    Jesus taught us to pray, "And forgive us our debts/trespasses/sins as we have forgiven those who have debted/trespassed/sinned against us."

    Matthew 7:12 also comes to mind.

    Getting back to prayer which would not be a bad idea for America and her churches to resume this Thursday (5/7), did you know that aforementioned part of "The Lord's Prayer" is the only part that He expounded upon immediately after offering it?

    He said, "For if you forgive, you will be forgiven; but if you don't forgive, you will not be forgiven."


    Think about it.

    There seems to be more than existential implications to that declarative.

    Apparently, too many of America's churches don't believe that because they certainly don't behave like that's/He's their g(G)overnor.

    Think about it.

    If Jesus was/is more concerned about us being correct than loving by forgiving, we'd all go to hell for sure.

    Buuuuuuut - Praise the Lord!!! - we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus.

    In other words, while we pray and labor to be better in thanks to God for salvation by grace through faith in Jesus, we'll never be good enough not to need to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus.

    If too many American churches would get that/Him, they'd cut each other a little more slack like He does and not expect the impossible; which, again, btw for yu'uns that forget or ignore or defy or self-righteously assume, is why we know the only way that we get in is by grace through faith in Jesus.

    Let me put it another way.

    Read Paul's letters after ya read the red print.

    No one who does that can come away apart from the conclusion that Jesus was more about gospel than law.

    C'mon, "Not the works of my hands can fulfill the law's demands."

    C'mon, AA is right: "Do your best and leave the rest to God."

    C'mon, forgive!

    That's WJWD!

    ISIS wouldn't/won't/doesn't.

    Think about it.



    Do you see that quote up there by Jinny?

    Great saint.

    Our mentoring matriarch.

    Bill said, "She was the Mother Teresa of Lincoln and Main."

    Already legendary.

    You can hear more about her by going to and pulling down the archive for her 5/3 memorial/resurrection service; and there's a tribute trailer from Bill at the end of the recording that's been attached by Bill.  Bill's tribute can also be heard in the archived version of the 5/4 second worship service that also includes some great music by our adult choir and children.

    Picking up the mantle from her grandmother, you'll be especially blessed by Lydia's tribute to her as tribute Him.


    What's wrong with sooooooo many of today's American churches?


    It ain't that complicated.

    They're more about being correct than loving.

    They're more about everything and everyone than Jesus.

    How can anyone like moi say that?

    Because sooooooo many of today's American churches are more like those unforgiving...uh...than Jesus.

    It's not a big leap from chopping off relationships to chopping off...

    Read a little history.

    Uh, we're still making it.


Scratching the Surface


Troubled Churches

(Helping Hints for Healing Troubled Churches and People)

Some things aren’t that complicated.

Many churches in America are troubled.

10+ churches close their doors for good/bad/ugly every day.

The diagnosis and prescription aren’t that complicated.

Troubled churches have not been loving Jesus by loving like Jesus.

Churches get better when they start loving Jesus by loving like Jesus.

Some things aren’t that complicated.

Many people are flushed, rushed, and razzle-dazzled.

Stressed out.

Transferring that stress to others; or as a shrink said, “Troubled people tend to be constipated.  That’s why they dump on you.”

Stressed out.

Internalizing in self-destructive ways; or as Mark Hopkins wrote, “Last year, across the nation, 38,364 people committed suicide…Research tells us that one in seven of our youth report having thoughts of suicide…The question perplexing the experts is ‘Why?’…What is creating the stress that makes suicide a better alternative for the afflicted than living?”

Stressed out.

I heard a talking radio head say 75% of Americans take prescribed or non-prescribed/and/illegal meds because they are sooooooo stressed out.

The diagnosis and prescription aren’t that complicated.

Troubled people are not that intimate with Jesus.

People get better when they get closer to Jesus.

Jesus promised, "Come to Me, everyone who is weary and burdened, and I will take care of you."




    Did I make a mistake with that last video?

    Isn't he the same John who said, "The Beatles are more popular than Jesus"?

    Heaven straight, he was!

    He was not boasting.

    He was lamenting.

    Only the ignorant missed that; and only the ignorant miss the truth in the lyrics of "imagining" a world more about love than law being more consistent with Jesus than...


"The agenda for today's church is to discover what is permanent...before it
was covered with the dust and debris of 2K years of church history...
This is not another gospel but the same ancient gospel
rediscovered for today."

Hans Kung


Blessings and Love!


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