Monday, September 21, 2015

Don't Kill the Umpire!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    When I served as a league representative, VP, and P of Rock Valley [Junior] Tackle Football, I learned a few things.

    It won't be too long before parents and fans are banned from attending games.

    Mommies and daddies hate coaches who don't recognize their babies on the bench are the next Walter Payton or Lawrence Taylor. 

    Referees are always against "our" team.

    Maybe that's why I like to sit in the press box these days as a Bucs sports correspondent for the BDR.

    Truth is the overwhelming majority of sports officials, except for those unfit basketball and football ones who can't keep up with the plays anymore and have to make calls about fifty yards from the action, do an exemplary job of keeping the rules so our athletic contests don't turn into a circus of savages.

    In my lengthy experience with RV[J]TF football and as an avid/addicted fan for longer than Pete Girardin has been alive, I've concluded there are more problems with parents and fans than officials and coaches.

    I've concluded, with few exceptions, officials and coaches do a much better job at their jobs than too many parents and fans do at theirs.

    Baptismal promises come to mind.

    O.K., most parents and fans are fine; but I've learned there are more miscreants among parents and fans than officials and coaches when it comes to sports; and those miscreants are close to ruining "games" for the, uh, players.

    Everybody would benefit from reviewing the red letters in the big rule book.

    Anyway, I've also discovered some interesting parallels between pastors and 'em; and you can interpret the preceding video for yourself.


    1. Go back to the video and interpret it in its multi-layered meanings.

    2. Thankless!  When's the last time that anybody threw an appreciation day, night, or month for 'em?

    3. Everybody second-guesses sports officials and pastors; but I like Moody's retort to someone who bantered and moaned about how he did things: "I prefer how I do it to how you don't do it!"

    4. They're paid to be abused.

    5. Considering their training, responsibilities, and #4, they're underpaid.

    6. Related to #3, they don't like Monday morning quarterbacks; or people who remind 'em of 1 Timothy 3:6.

    7. If God had not called 'em, they'd have quit long ago.


    In short, unless you're one of those armchair types who know more than anyone about anything, don't kill the umpire!

    Or else.

    If someone doesn't enforce the rules, we will return to a planet of the apes.


Blessings and Love!


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