Wednesday, October 7, 2015

In Case You Missed It/Him

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"Jesus wants everybody saved."



    Despite KD's best inspirations/indigestions, two recent editions did not make it into the major media markets.

    If curious, go to the archives in the right column and take some guesses.


    One was too provocatively politically incorrect; asking the kinda questions that people don't wanna ask because they can't handle the...

    One was so silly that people missed the...


    Anyway, what happened to the Yankees?

    Facial hair.

    If you'd have read the last edition of...


    Don't you get ticked by "forwards" that say you're gonna go the Sheol if ya don't forward 'em on to at least ten people who will be plunged into confessional/superstitional torment or ED envy when they get 'em?

    C'mon, admit it.

    Of course, because ya probably didn't scroll down when the last KD tease was sent, you missed this warning:

Forward this to ten other people if you don't wanna go to hell or...

The Cubs will never win a World Series!

The Packers will lose to the Giants in the
big one before the big one again!

Lutheran will be the new Boylan!

Notre Dame will be ranked #1 with 3 loses!

BBPBHO will be added to Rushmore!

Hillary will be the first female P!

Ms/rs/r/whatever Jenner will be the next
moderator of the PCUSA or NCC or
WCC or Grammy Clinton's VP!

Actually, that's likely!


BTW, Trump is a Presbyterian.


If that doesn't freak 'em out in...

Of course, if you're superstitious...


    BTW(2), the preceding holds true for you if you don't forward this to...


    Actually, that's not true as anyone familiar with Jesus by the book knows.

    Those people saying ya gotta forward their pseudo-spiritual garbage or you'll go to...are sooooooo far anyone familiar with Jesus by the book knows.

    Go back to the quote from Paul up top.

    Go to Jesus!


"God loves the world so much that He gave His only Son so
that whoever believes in Him will not perish
but live forever.

God sent His Son not to condemn the world.

He came to save it!"



Blessings and Love!




Bob said...

Hooray for the Astros! Around NCIS shows last night I saw some of the game--then the rest of it after 10pm. If the O's can't get in the playoffs, I certainly don't want the dreaded evil empire getting in! Sorry, Dr. Bob. I grew up in Baltimore and am now reading the book, "60 Years of Orioles Magic." Just not enough magic this year. Wanta bet on who the O's can keep of the 6-7 major free agents? A professor friend in MD whose husband works for the O's doesn't expect the O's to keep virtually ANY of them--not Chen, not Davis, not Wieters, not O'Day, especially. Maybe Parra & Pearce [2 P's in a pod--bad joke, I know].

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Selah, mon ami!

Surprised "Sideline Superstititons" did not make the major market media outlets.

This one was a kinda follow-up.

Fear the facial hair!