Thursday, October 29, 2015

Presbyterian President?

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Ya gotta love the irony!

    The pathologically arrogant guy who just may run against the pathological liar for President keeps saying, "I'm a Presbyterian!"

    Sooooooo funny!

    Obviously, he's not familiar with today's PCUSA - the biggest of the Presbyterian franchises with about a million real members compared to their inflated rolls bolstered by endowments and Templeton - that makes Che look like former PUBC and CFP posers.

    My sides are aching over this!

    Louisville - HQ of the franchise that mirrors NYC and Geneva if ya catch my drift - and the increasing majority irretrievably apostate under current management view Donald as anathema to everything they advocate since abandoning Biblical Christology and common sense faith shortly after totally misinterpreting and reimagining Dowey's deepest intentions in C67.

    Parenthetically, if you're not into the parochial jargon and cryptics because you're in a franchise that still takes Jesus by the book seriously or you're in a sister franchise akin to the PCUSA's increasing witness barely coincidental to Jesus by the book and still don't get the jargon, it's O.K.  Just have a laugh or two on PCUSAers who are going apoplectic about Donald going around and saying over and over and over again as if it will help him among conservative voters who still emit a modicum of faith, "I'm a Presbyterian!" 

    Really, it's driving the way leftist majority in the PCUSA bonkers; and a recent note from the highest judicial officer of the franchise to the unfaithful and other PCers and the media and general population that don't live to hear from the PCUSA on just about, uh, anything to distance the PCUSA from his claim to be one of 'em proves he's caught the attention of the PCUSA as much as the affection of pure bred national jingoists.

    Now I'm rolling around on the floor in my study!

    Frankly, I think he thinks being Presbyterian will help his campaign; or, at minimum, make him look, you know, kinda religious juxtaposed to the 7th Day Adventist who's starting to give him a real run for his, uh, money.

    Doesn't matter.

    As someone who aches for the way things never were or maybe were but are no more in the PCUSA, it's comic relief.


    If the pathologically arrogant Presbyterian does get the nomination and runs against the pathological liar who, I guess, is the best that her gender has to offer right now for the first female to occupy the palace on Pennsylvania Avenue, I wonder if the PCUSA will officially distance itself by proclamation that no one outside of its ghetto will know about when they meet in Portland, Oregon in June 2016 to come up with more stuff, paraphrasing the first answer to the first question of The Shorter Catechism that nobody pays attention to anymore either, to "horrify and annoy" God.


Blessings and Love!



Walton said...

I don`t think I can take all this Fighting for a whole year. They just think running each other down will help them win. I don`t think so.
When asked what church do I go to. I say I Belong to the Remnant Church. We here believe only what the Bible teaches. Only the Bible.
Keep up the good work Pastor. Rolling on the floor that's a good one.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...

Your faith encourages mine

Robert said...

Waxing eloquent mon ami, almost too much for my simple little mind to bear!
Love the horrify and annoy line at the end.
My pastor in the EA wing of a former UCC church thinks Ben Carson will get the nomination. I'm not sure of that; Ben doesn't do well articulating his tax/budget plan and he's certainly "low energy" as opposed to you [at least in KDs] my brother!

John said...

So out of place ... since we have six RC's and three Jews for the Supremes. To say nothing of the new RC Speaker replacing the old RC Speaker whose first choice was another RC for Speaker to match the RC Minority Speaker. They speak with more certainty about their positions than the "GA Speaker". Ask yourself if the Pres of IBM said, "An H-P, Dell, or other computer is fine and we don't want to say an IBM computer is the only way to go", would there by more IBM computer users next year and would IBM even be around in twenty years? If fortunate maybe it would only show the kind of decline that the PCUSA has shown over twenty years.

Karen said...

To horrify and annoy God

brilliant phrase!

and so tragic