Monday, October 5, 2015

Sideline Superstitions

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    Because I'm not superstitious, I've been saying the Cubs and Yankees will be in this year's World Series.

    I've been saying it since March.


    Theo Epstein.


    Theo Epstein became the youngest General Manager in MLB history in 2002. 

    The Boston Red Sox hired him at 28.

    With him at the helm, the Red Sox won their first World Series in nearly 90 years in 2004.

    They did it again in 2007.

    Before the 2004 season, Epstein said the Red Sox were ready to take the flag from the Yankees.


    Before Epstein arrived in the backyard of the Kennedys, Red Sox fans were as pessimistic about their prospects as Cubs fans.

    They felt cursed by their 1919 trade of Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

    Having none of that kinda talk, the Epstein-led beantowners came back from a 0-3 best-of-seven deficit to beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS before sweeping the Cardinals in that year's World Series.

    Epstein was a Yankees-killer because he defeated the Curse of the Bambino.


    Epstein resigned from the Red Sox in 2011 to become President of the Cubs.

    The Cubs play the Pirates on Wednesday to advance in postseason play on the way to playing the Yankees in this year's World Series.

    The Cubs will win the World Series because Epstein is a curse-killer and the Curse of the Billy Goat is like a BB gun compared to the heavy artillery of the Curse of the Bambino previously dispatched by Theo.


    Parenthetically, the Curse of the Billy Goat goes back to 1945 when Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis was asked to leave a World Series game against the Detroit Tigers because his pet goat was stinky and bothering fans.

    While I can't find out why the goat was allowed into the park in the first place - maybe it's kinda like Rahm being Chicago's current stinker - Sianis was ticked and cursed the Cubs: "Them Cubs ain't gonna win no more."

    And so it has been...until Epstein said before this season, like he did with the Red Sox before the 2004 schedule, that the Cubs are ready to win.


    Of course, I don't believe in that kinda superstitious sideline stuff.

    I'm a Christian.

    I believe "the Spirit in us is greater than the spirit in the world."


    Yet, uh, I have this undefeated sweatshirt that I wear to my son's high school football games; and they haven't lost since I took it out of the closet after their last loss...and stopped trimming my facial hair...and started wearing those puke dark green slacks...and those work shoes...and...

    Word has gotten out.

    Before the last two really, really, really big games, one of the players asked, "You're gonna wear that sweatshirt, aren't you?"

    I did...along with the slacks and shoes and unkempt facial hair.

    They won.

    Then they won again.

    They have never lost when I've worn that...


    I don't believe in sideline superstitions; except for, uh, you know, uh...


    Epstein doesn't believe in 'em; and look what he did for the Red Sox and what he's about to complete for the Cubs.


    On the other hand,...


    I'm reminded of two conversations.


    Dr. Wolfgang Lowe was my theology professor in Heidelberg.

    Growing increasingly irritated by my questions in class back in 1973, he blurted out, "Unfortunately, Herr Kopp, we are not all omniscient."



    An older pastor said to a younger pastor, "The difference between you and me is I know I'm a hypocrite."


    Sooooooo I'll be wearing that sweatshirt and shoes and slacks and not trimming my facial hair for my son's next game.

    If they lose - the Chicago Cubs or Belvidere Bucs - I'll say I was wrong and ask God's forgiveness.

    If they win, I'll be wearing...


Blessings and Love!


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