Friday, November 13, 2015

Death by PC

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I'm not as smart as I thought I used to be.

    But I'm starting to figure out this PC OCD in America and her churches plagued by ideological fascists from the left and right.

    All sides have their peculiar PC lexicons and playbooks.

    Litmus tests of ideologically fascist orthodoxy.

    No wiggle room.

    Forget reconciliation cause we can't even consider conciliation.


    If we can't chop off their heads, we'll chop off their vocations, relations, reputations, and...

    All ya gotta do is invoke your PC OCD and they're emasculated; and I'm sure there's some other, uh, equally applicable word/description for the other gender from mine.

    Oh, poop.

    Now someone will write and label me as a MCP.

    I'm crushed.

    Hello, St. John's Wort!


    For example...

    If someone questions same-sex nuptials, all ya gotta do is call 'em a homophobe.

    If the guy in Belvidere compares the founder of Christianity to the founder of Islam, just call him an Islamophobe.

    If you're, uh, an offended fragile snowflake that melts when anyone disagrees with you, just say you're offended and that the person disagreeing with you or questioning you or looking the wrong way at you or is suspected of thinking about insensitive.

    If that doesn't work, call 'em a bully.

    Yeah, that's really the best one.

    It worked with my wife the other day.

    She told me to take out the garbage; and I cried, "Bully!"

    That bought enough time to watch Around the Horn and PTI.

    Or if someone is pro-infanticide or pro-same-sex nuptials or wants to co-exist with people who think Kopper should be allowed to marry me,...just say they're going to hell because they're as far away from Jesus by the book as Miley Cyrus is from mental health and role-modeling for Rainbow Girls.

    However, remember that PC from left or right does not apply when left or right are attacking right or left.

    Or something like that.

    Then it's O.K. to be an insensitive phobe or bully.

    There are exceptions to every rule.


    Or is it that whoever's got enough votes to enforce their rules...?

    I knew that's one of the reasons why God gave the Bible to us.


    There I go again!

    Me the Biblical idolater.


    Dan Pope, pastor of Belvidere, Illinois' Open Bible Church, is one of the few pastors that I like because he doesn't fudge on Jesus by the book no matter what the PC OCD leftists and rightists demand.

    He's figured out that being for Jesus by the book eliminates most of that nonsense and intellectual dishonesty.

    He knows it's also got soteriological implications.

    Anyway, he gave a book to me by Joe Battaglia called The Politically Incorrect Jesus.

    He thought I would like it.

    Well, this line caught my attention: "Jesus was inclusive when He welcomed all the weary and burdened to come to Him and experience the love of the Father.  But He was not open-minded when it came to the truth."

    This one's good too: "Political correctness is the 'chic' moral ideology of the day advocated and fleshed out in the public square by self-appointed gatekeepers of public opinion to the point where that definition becomes 'fashionable.'"

    Here's another one: "Want to provoke controversy and a variety of intense emotions?  Just mention the name 'Jesus.'"

    There are some things that I don't like about the book; but, really, who am I to talk about books when I'm running about 2 trillion to 1 behind Joel in sales?

    All I know is the theme of the book that raises really, really, really important questions for PC OCD plagued America and soooooo many of her churches is death by PC seems to be inevitable for us if we don't return to...


    I'll let you finish off the last sentence-paragraph.

    Everyone's got their own lexicon and playbook; and God forbid that you or me or anyone actually thinks about...


    I saw a sign on Route 14 near a Triumph shop in Janesville, Wisconsin: "THINK WHILE IT'S STILL LEGAL!"

    George Orwell was a few years off.


Blessings and Love!


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Keystone said...

I think Harry Trumans meaning of PC hits the nail on the head.PC is trying to pick up a fresh tird by the clean end.