Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Presbyterian President? (Part 2)

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


    Donald Trump is a Presbyterian about as much as too many Presbyterians are Christians.


    Though I've been a little miffed at 'em since the Richmond GA back in 2004, the crack investigative reporters of www.layman.org have, uh, disclosed some interesting facts about Donald's claim to be a Presbyterian.

    Currently, no Presbyterian church claims him on their membership roll.

    Currently, no Presbyterian church claims he has participated in any of their worship services or anything else in recent memory.

    Currently, no Presbyterian church has any record of him forking over any of his $ to 'em.

    Uh, parenthetically, if he's interested, I will call a special meeting of our elders asap and lie about him being a member in Belvidere for a long time if he will catch up on his tithes because we could use the money for our Compassion Closet to feed the poor and...

    Really, I'm serious.

    If today's Presbyterians can lie about what they don't believe anymore, I figure...

    Moretheless, I'm starting to think the pathologically arrogant Presbyterian running for President isn't that much different from the pathological liar vying for the same crown.


    James wrote something about deeds proving creeds.

    Read it.

    For Presbyterians, it's in the second half of the book with the dust on it.


    BTW, did you know why Presbyterians don't carry Bibles to worship?

    No, not because of the pew ones that are just for show.

    It's because they've memorized it.



    Donald is a Presbyterian about as much as too many Presbyterians are Christians.

    Just because you say something doesn't make it true.

    Hello, Hillary!

    Just because you say you're a Christian, doesn't make you one.

    Just because you have your name on the membership roll of some church that's afraid to take it off because..., doesn't mean you're realllllllly into it.

    Worship attendance and stewardship and taking your faith from the sanctuary into the streets as measurements of authenticity come to mind.

    Of course, none of that matters anymore...especially in...


Blessings and Love!


Walton said...

I was Bringing my Bible to Church. But could not follow along because sometimes Pastor not reading from the same Bible. The wording is Different in some Bibles.
I read HCSB and KJ. I know the church has NIV. But I don`t think we read out of that version in church. If I`m wrong Sorry. Forgive.


Jeff said...

Two years ago I sent a letter and a brochure about OnebyOne asking Mr. Trump if he would consider supporting this Presbyterian ex gay ministry. Never heard from him. Maybe he supported the More Lighters.

Have you ever thought about starting an Extra Light organization? Doesn't Extra trump More light?

Ella Jane said...


This brings to mind that on that day Jesus will say to them, "Depart from me, I never knew you."
I'm praying, trusting, believing,...all the way! May God save America, the Presbyterian Church, The Pentecostals and Baptist, the Muslims and the Atheists. And may He save Donald Trump, Obama, Clinton, etc.
Search ME O God...
Love you