Monday, February 1, 2016

Money Matters for Christians

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



    I don't check the financial statements of church members.

    I don't even sneak a peek at pledge cards.

    Never have.

    Never will.

    I know that runs counter to what a lot of church management types say.

    I know financial stewardship is among the best measures of a person's fidelity.

    Checkbooks don't lie.

    Checkbooks betray spiritual health.

    It goes back to my home pastor The Rev. Harold F. Mante who cautioned long before May 8, 1977, "There are unavoidable prejudices that emerge when you know how much people are giving.  You'll be surprised by how much some people give and how much some people don't give.  But don't check or you'll be tempted to treat people differently.  Besides, though lots act like they don't believe it, they're going to have to explain their giving to God in the end."

    Truth is Christians are generous.

    Christians manage everything entrusted to them by God for His glory.

    So-called "Christians" without generosity are as posing to Jesus by the book as mainline denominations.


    While I may be wrong, I think God entrusts so much to us - especially Christians in America who have sooooooo much more of everything than everybody else - to test how we manage what He's entrusted to us.


    Now go back to my home pastor's caution; especially that last sentence.

    That's why I've never checked financial records.

    Never have.

    Never will.

    Though, uh, I do have some discernments about...

    Knowing God knows, truth is ya don't have to check on the financial stewardship of Christians.

    You don't have to raise money from Christians 'cause they're extraordinarily generous.

    Christians understand money matters.


    It kinda reminds me of Jesus talking about how many people actually, you know, get in when the roll is called up yonder.

    Something about it's easier for a camel to...



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Anonymous said...

Years ago, while practicing as a CPA, I was elected church treasurer of a rather large Presbyterian Church. Clayton Bell, our pastor, told me "Ed, you will have a problem in that you now hear how people talk and see what they give." A year later I went back to Clayton and told him he was wrong. I had an even greater problem --- As their CPA I heard how they talked, saw what they gave, and in doing their tax return saw what they claimed they gave. What an education...

Ella Jane said...



Thank you!!!