Thursday, February 18, 2016


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


"Truth over lies comes out of the mouths of babes...That is why a child must lead them."




    Guy yells across campus to the chaplain, "The church is full of hypocrites!"

    Chaplain yells back,"You're right!  And there's room for one more!"

    The tinkling match continued: "The church is a crutch!"

    Chaplain: "You're right!  And who isn't limping?"

    Strangely, I thought of that encounter as I watched Bernie and Hillary do their photo-op pandering thing with Al Sharpton.

    Al Sharpton?


    Can you imagine what BBPBHO, mainline denominations, media, entertainment, education, and too many churches with folks up front having only a coincidental relationship with Jesus would say if Ben, Carly, Donald, Jeb, John, Marco, or Ted did a photo-op pandering thing with David Duke?

    Really, it's the same thing; and if I have to explain that to you, you've probably already cashed in on your medical weed script.

    Warmly, I thought of our youth group.

    They've been studying the red letters of Jesus.

    Dangerous for mainline denominational children!

    Really, if children get too close to Jesus, they'll probably take the church from them and give it back to Him.

    Anyway, after reading the woes in Matthew 23, they came up with...


Youth Group Wisdom
Our Family of Faith on the Corner of Lincoln and Main
First Presbyterian Church
Belvidere, Illinois

    Woe to the people who are more concerned about the appearance of the church rather than the meaning of the church!

    Woe to you who think your physical appearance is more important than what is inside your heart!

    Woe to you who only worship selectively!

    Woe to you who go through the motions conspicuously!

    Woe to you who have ulterior motives!

    Woe to you who think you are God and can judge like Him!

    Woe to you who manipulate God's word for selfish pleasure!

    Woe to you who love the Golden Rule but don't follow it!

    Woe to you who love in public but who maliciously hate behind closed doors!

    Woe to you who are too dependent on the church to solve your problems instead of looking to Christ for the answers!

    Woe to you who miss the fact that all are equal in the eyes of God!

    Woe to you who think you can buy your way into heaven!

    In summary, you want to eat the cake but not indulge in the BREAD!





Blessings and Love!


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Scott said...

Keep up the good work! I praise God that those teens are being grounded in God's Word so they can stay strong in their relationship with Jesus in these challenging times. Truly God's light is shining on the corner of Main and Lincoln.

As part of her Youth Ministry degree, my daughter did an internship for a semester several years ago at a UCC church in Park Ridge and was totally blown away by the fact that the teens she was working with, who had grown up in the church, knew next to nothing about the Bible and very little about the need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. She was also surprised when the Youth Director (someone she had classes with and who had graduated the previous year) did not respond to her requests to continue to volunteer there when her internship was over. She (and I think correctly)surmised that it was because of her evangelical witness. Needless to say it was quite an eye opening experience for her and deepened her appreciation for "by the book" congregations who put Jesus and God's Word at the center of life and ministry.