Saturday, March 5, 2016


Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



Scratching the Surface



Anonymous letters come from the pit of hell.

Anonymous letters are poison-penned by people who are severely oppressed or totally possessed by the devil; spewing bile and venom under the pretense of righteousness.

Just as satanos attempted to seduce Jesus from His reason for being (see Matthew 4, Mark 1, and Luke 4), a clever trick of darkness is to take Holy Scripture and Christian truths out of context to confuse and mislead the Biblically ignorant to unholy behaviors.

Like drug dealers, gang members, and terrorists who operate in clandestine darkness, these criminal authors don’t have the courage of their convictions or the decency of Matthew 18:15-17 discipleship.

Anonymous authors are emotionally manipulative cowards who don’t want to be held accountable for the evil that they transmit like a deadly virus.  They are reckless, remorseless, and impenitent hit-and-run miscreants.

Such letters often include threats, obscenities, vulgarities, slurs, slanders, inappropriate propositions, stool pigeon gossip, and other hateful/hurtful things not remotely related to Jesus by the book; exposing while transferring really, really, really sick pathologies.

I’m not talking about appropriate anonymity such as voting or anonymous benevolences and charitable giving without the need or expectation for response, regard, or reward. 

I’m talking about the cowardly, vicious, malicious, murderous, and demonically dark anonymous letters devoid of redemptive intention.

Personally, I haven’t read an anonymous letter in almost 40 years.

If I receive a letter without a return address, signature, or check of anonymous benevolence and charitable giving, I don’t read it and rip it up and throw it away before wasting any time or energy or emotion on it.

Unfortunately, I counsel many others who have been the victims of this evil; especially young pastors.

Young pastors are especially vulnerable to anonymous attacks. 

As I often tell young pastors, their vocation is like putting on a deerskin and walking into the woods on the first day of hunting season.  It’s like being nibbled to death by ducks.  It’s just a nibble here and a nibble there; and before you know it, a limb is missing.

So just as I learned from older pastors like I am now, I say, “No return address.  No signature.  No check.  No time.  No energy.  No emotion.  No reading.  Rip it up.  Then poop-can it with the rest of the refuse.”

Biblical guidance to remember:

  • The apostle Paul wrote many tough love letters of correction and rebuke and signed them.

  • Read John 3:19-21.  As police officers and disciples know, the devil works in darkness.  It’s like a wise old fellah once told me, “When the sun rises and those first rays of sunshine enter a barn, the birds sing and the rats run for cover.”

  • Remember Matthew 25’s punch line: “As you do it to/for others, you do it to/for Jesus.”

  • Read Matthew 18:15-17 and our Lord’s rules for reconciliation/communication; for when it comes to reconciliation/communication, the first step is always face-to-face not in darkness with a poison pen.

  • Anonymous letter-writers break the 9th commandment (Exodus 20:16) and our Lord’s greatest commandment (Matthew 22:34-40).

If you have ever written an anonymous letter, you must confess and repent or your soul will be at risk.

If you confess and repent, you will be forgiven.

Over and over and over again, Jesus is recorded as saying to people who don’t pray, labor and try to walk the talk, “I don’t know you.”

People who don’t pray, labor, and try to walk the talk – like the ones with their poison pens – don’t know Him.

Anonymous letters come from the pit of hell; and those who write them are rolling the dice with their souls.



Blessings and Love!



Laura said...

One of the best short stories I have ever read about anonymous letter writing and its evils is "The Possibility of Evil" by Shirley Jackson. Worth reading, if anyone cares to take a look at - I have taught this story and its more famous companion, "The Lottery," many times with the hopes that my students will appreciate what it means to communicate in love rather than in hate.

zane said...

And in the same camp with anonymous communications are organizational structures that are the front for hidden agendas. Odious.