Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thanks, Dad!

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)


Thanks, Dad!


“Honor your father and your mother.”

Exodus 20:12


“My relationship with my dad has helped me to understand why
President Obama cannot bring himself to consider
the truth about Islamofascistnutball savagery.”



            I’ve been jousting with my dad.

            While I keep saying my hip thing is genetic, he keeps saying it’s athletics catching up with me; though Ev may be the only one who’s right: “You’re getting older.”

            When I was a young pastor, I would shy away from people sitting at tables during fellowship hour who were discussing their meds; but now I sit down and join right in.

            Getting back to my dad, he likes to, uh, debate…everything.

            If I say it’s an elephant, he’ll say it’s a mouse with glandular problems.

            When I was younger, he’d often observe, “Son, you think manual labor is the second baseman for the Phillies.”

            When I’d give my report card to him, I’d say, “Well, dad, I did my best.”  He’d deadpan, “I hope you don’t have surgery some day and wake with your doctor saying, ‘Well, Mr. Kopp, I did my best.’”

            Uh, that one strikes really close to home these days.

            I can still remember that November day back in 1972 when I was just about finished with college and my dad lamented at the dinner table in front of mom and sister Sue, “There were six votes for George McGovern in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania and I have to sit for supper with one of them.”

            He’d often ask, “So where did all of that mud on my car come from?” Then he’d warn, “The Chief told me that you’re gonna get arrested if you don’t stop driving 90 mph on River Street to beat curfew.”

            Here’s a favorite: “Well, uh, uh, uh, dad…the cement truck in front of me was going slower than I was…and that’s how I got the big dent in the hood…Can you believe that?”

            You’ve probably figured out I wouldn’t have made a good altar boy; and you may be wondering how I ever got that Eagle and OA Brotherhood sash.  You’re not alone.

            Of course, that’s why I’m such a pain as a parent: “Sons, whatever awful thing you’re thinking about doing, I’ve already done; so don’t think you can pull any kinda wool over my eyes.  I’ve gotcha before you shouldn’t.”

            All of that being said, as father-in-law Ralph always reminded me, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

            While no one is pure and perfect in every way, which is why Jesus has to save us, I don’t mind anyone saying I’m like my dad.  Yes, I tell my boys to take the best of me and discard the rest; and if I can more than mimic my dad’s love and loyalty and boldness and courage for God and family and country, I will live and then RIP.

            In other words, it’s not been hard for me to keep the 5th commandment.  I prize my parents and I honor my dad as a model of Someone better; praying to follow in his steps as he has followed in His steps by the book.

            My respect and even reverence for my dad has also helped me to understand why President Obama has never been able to bring himself to identify Islam itself as the trigger for Islamofascistnutball savagery.

            While I may be wrong, thinking about my dad has helped me to cut some slack to our President as I guess why he hasn’t been able to consider Islam as being at the root of international terrorism.

            Let me explain.

            My dad is a Mason.

            I never joined.

            When two guys came to see me and told me that I should join because my dad was something of a big shot in the club, I said, “Sorry, but I’m having hard enough time with French, German, Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.  I don’t have enough time to memorize any more rituals.”

            I’d heard some things about the Masons that bother some people in my business; but because I love my dad and have prayed and tried to keep the 5th, I never looked too deeply into it.

            While nobody reads what I write, I don’t think anyone has ever read anything that I’ve written about Masons because I haven’t.

            While lots of folks sleep through my sermons, I don’t think anyone has ever heard me preach about Masons because I haven’t.

            I just love and respect and revere my dad too much to go there.

            I’ve always figured Masons must be good because my dad is good; and his friends who are Masons are some of the finest patriots and churchgoers that I’ve ever known. 

            So I’ve never felt even slightly inclined to check out what bothers other people about ‘em.

            My relationship with my dad, which is why I’ve never looked too closely at what Masons really believe like some others in my business, has helped me to understand why President Obama has not considered Islam as connected to international terrorism.

            Aside from his name being a hint and that awful deal with Iran, his dad was an Islamist.

            I think it’s as simple as that.

            Though I think our President has made a mistake for not looking into it, I can kinda relate to his effort to keep the 5th commandment.

            Or something like that.

            I just know it’s pret’ near impossible for sons to disavow anything about their dads while trying to emulate ‘em.

            Ralph remains right.

            The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

            Thanks, dad!

            Thank You, Father, for my dad.

            I am praying and trying to emulate him as he has emulated You…in the flesh.

            For as the 5th commandment, uh, commands, we are to honor and obey our parents as they honor and obey God.

            That’s what I’ve prayed and tried to do.

            I think that’s what our President has tried to do.

            I don’t know.

            That’s what I think.

            Only God knows for sure; and only God’s judgment counts…in the end.


Blessings and Love!


Look up! Stand up! Speak up! Act up for Jesus!
Salt! Shine! Leavenate!





Bob said...

Manual labor, Masons & Obama:
3 quick notes:
1. My Dad used to say to me [because of my failure to enjoy hard work in the hot sun like he seemed to be able to do], “Son, U better get a good education.” I did and then spent time jogging, working out and doing more manual labor in my own homes. But I certainly did enjoy time in the office, time studying and time in the car visiting. BTW, “Manuel Labor” is a good joke; I’ll have to remember that!
2. My Dad was a mason [and never finished HS nor could he compose paragraphs that well] and I know what heresy Masons promote, but I never criticized him or told him he should get out. The magazine he received monthly would list the deceased “Boumi Temple/Shriners” under the heading, “From Allah we have come, to Allah we return.”
3. Agree with your thot about Obama. He’s certainly not a fundamental, evangelical, Biblical Christian, could be a churchy, political Christian [tho I don’t think he attends church much] and probably is a closet Muslim sympathizer. Seems he can’t diss his childhood religion.

Steve said...


Thank you for your note about your dad, touching on the connection we all - esp. us guys - have with our dads.

I use to say my father and I had a strange and wonderful relationship - he was strange, and I was wonderful.

Neither was or is true. He was an amazingly complex man with whom I am still coming to terms six years after his passing.