Monday, July 24, 2017

Reclaim the Bow (We Need Your Help Now!)

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)




    The symbol has been hijacked by left, right, up and down and all around.

    It's been used in ways to promote ideology pretending theology.

    With the roots of this movement always in the hearts of those entrusted with launching it, it will confound those who have misappropriated the symbol and attract inquiry leading to reconciliations heretofore sabotaged by eisegetes injecting their extremely navel-gazing bigotries into a simply saving covenant of mercy.

    As you will read below, we need your help to get going.

    Our pledge is we will never seek the favor of anyone but God.

    This pledge will infuriate the left, right, up and down and all around while infusing the faithful with a fresh boldness tempered by strong calm sanity to bring original mercy back to a world and religions/churches/mosques/synagogues so desperate for...God...and those praying and laboring to God in Jesus by the book.

   Reclaim the Bow

"Discovering Original Mercy"

(copyright pending, 2017)


    For over a decade of increasing intimacy with Him and each other, Brian and Bob have known He brought them together for a reason/purpose/mission to honor Jesus by the book as guided by the Holy Spirit.

    Church planter Brian is the lead pastor of The Grove in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

    Iconoclastic mainline denominational credential-holder Bob is undershepherd of Belvidere, Illinois' First Presbyterian Church primarily known as "Our Family of Faith on the Corner of Lincoln and Main."

    Profoundly compelled by our Lord's great commandment, great commission, and high priestly prayer, a vision for incarnating the merciful message of the rainbow has been forming in their spirits and coalesced on July 13, 2017 between 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.

    Anyone familiar with the rainbow's symbolic and covenantal assurances will take the hint; yet the message in the movement is staggering, seismic, salty, enlightening, leavenating, and ultimately saving.

    Stay tuned!


    The preceding paragraphs are the first hint of what's to come through Reclaim the Rainbow (Discovering Original Mercy).

    Though tempted to, uh, disclose some of the plans to show His mercy that will stun left, right, up and down and all around by the movement's radical and uncompromising devotion to the agape love of God so elegantly and romantically symbolized in the bow, exemplified in Jesus, and explained in Holy Scripture, let's just say, for now, those who have used the bow in the past from left, right, up and down and all around to promote their idiosyncratic ideologies only coincidentally related to the merciful message of Biblical Christianity will be shaken to salvific inquiry if not enthusiasm in the next several months.

    Really, while those familiar with the symbol may have some guesses, it's waaaaaaay beyond whatever you're thinking in a Colossians 3:1-4 kinda way.


    Brian, who is much better at this than moi, says we need seed money to get the ball rolling.

    He's referring to domains, webs, social networking, legal stuff, material investments, promos, and, uh, I don't know.

    He estimates start-up costs of around 10-15K with expectations of quick self-and-expanding support.

    So if you're feeling nudged by the Holy Spirit right now to plant some seed $, you can send a check to The Grove (4210 Countryside Estates, Poplar Grove, Illinois 61065) or First Presbyterian Church (221 N. Main Street, Belvidere, Illinois 61008) and write "Reclaim the Bow" in the memo.

    You will be glad you did as we joins hands with Him to Reclaim the Bow!


Blessings and Love!



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Peder said...

Dear Bob: Looking forward to see the progress of this project. In the mid-1960's I began a series of ways for Christian's to identify themselves, and give opportunity to talk about their faith, by wearing a symbol of the faith. The most successful, of five campaigns over the last fifty years, was based on a lapel pin with the word "AIM" ("Alive In Me"). This pin was created by an elder in Seattle, Washington. One of the five programs, that never got started, was a rainbow lapel pin. I saw the pin in a dollar store and bought all five on hand, with the idea of ordering two hundred to begin the project. A few months later, while I was still developing some thoughts with the Session from Genesis, Ezekiel and Revelation, Jesse Jackson launched a nation-wide effort to unite support, called the "Rainbow Coalition". I decided this was not the time for my idea, so it was dropped. I agree with you. Now is the time for your project. May the Lord guide Brian and you as you seek to bring Christians together in affirming our faith and bringing glory to God.