Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sexual Harassment

Kopp Disclosure
(John 3:19-21)



The preceding video and following video come from women.



The next video comes from...



    Our youth group had a lock-in on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

    Habitually, every Sunday morning before 5:30 a.m., I go around the church to check security and see if I need to tidy up.

    That includes the restrooms.

    Considering what's going on in our country with accusations of sexual harassment changing judgment from "innocent until proven guilty" to "guilty until proven innocent" or really never innocent again after accusation with no respect to Matthew 18 or Galatians 6 or even secular jurisprudence or common sense, I decided not to check the women's restroom.

    What if one of our female youth group members was in there?

    I imagined a text to mom and dad: "Guess who just came into the bathroom?  Pastor Bob!"

    I imagined posts gone viral on Facebook.

    I imagined being brought up on charges by...


    When I was a Cub Scout in heat, my daddy gave some advice to me: "Always look a woman in the eyes."

    Get it?

    Today, of course, with those plunging necklines and half-exposed tattoos that provoke curiosity, it's hard.

    Women seem to be inviting...sexual...

    Daddy also warned, "If it's too easy, many have been there before you."

    Then, with a sigh, he admitted, "Boys with erections have no conscience."

    So it's rather, uh, uh, uh, natural for boys to be, uh, uh, uh, interested in, uh, uh, uh, know what.

    Paul and Freud agree on that.


    While our culture is determined to emasculate men - Have you seen any of those commercials for Verizon and Geico to mention just two? - and women are amassing intimidating numbers in secular and sacred power positions, men, still, I guess, are more guilty of sexual harassment than women.

    I think of a little sticker that Wingman bought for me in Sturgis a few years back that hangs on our refrigerator with encouragement from my wife: "Never trust a pastor with a boner."

    O.K., I wouldn't use that illustration in a sermon.

    Maybe that's the problem.

    Suppressed honesty is at the genesis of most dysfunctional etiology


    My home pastor gave some advice to me before 5/8/77 that I've given to pastors and other related species of all ages ever since.

    Like all good counsel, it only works if you subscribe to it.

    Here goes.

    Parenthetically, this is just for men because, as we know from our culture, only men are guilty of sexual harassment.

    "Never meet alone with a single woman, married woman, divorced woman, pregnant woman, widowed woman, or woman of any kind behind closed doors with no windows."

    "Never tell a sexually oriented joke to a woman."

    "Never talk about human sexuality with anyone, especially women and gays, unless they're family or read the Bible as God's inspired apocalypse."

    "When in doubt about saying anything to a woman that could in any way be construed as sexual harassment or inappropriate or maybe inappropriate or considered inappropriate even if she's whacked out which is a description that could also be considered sexual harassment by some, shut up."

    That advice from over four decades ago seems to be more contemporary than ever.


    If the previous cautions seem hyperbolic, let's go back to Thanksgiving.

    I talked with several college students - female and male - who were in for the week.

    When I asked what's considered sexual harassment on campuses these days, the summary response was chilling: "Sexual harassment is anything that a woman wants to say it is."



    Fortunately, I've followed my first ecclesiastical mentor's advice.

    I've sinned; but never propositioned or degraded.

    I may have felt like doing it; but I haven't.

    That's something shared with President Carter.

    Still, I'm concerned.

    Every manly man should be concerned, cautious, and conversationally compartmentalized.

    I almost said this on the Sunday after Thanksgiving: "As you know, I really love you and I'm a hugger.  I hug women and men and I know what the apostle meant by a holy kiss on the cheek.  Buuuuuuut I think, all things considered in our country right now, I'm going to stop unless you sign a permission slip that I've asked our attorney to prepare.  Sorry, but I'm not hugging without written consent."


    Yeah, I've got a lot of freedom after four decades of pension credits; yet I've still got another few decades left on the corner of Lincoln and Main and I know there are some very, very, very darkly inspired sick strategies inseminated by satanos to bring down as many Biblically Christocentric men as possible and, knowing that/it, I've got to approach all relationships in a Matthew 10:16 kinda way.

    Still, as a very public person confided to me not too long ago, accusations alone will assassinate and destroy with vindication for the innocent being improbable.


    For example, did I ever tell you about my affair with Sophia Loren?

    Really, how do you know for sure that I didn't have one?

    She may deny it, but I can still claim it!

    Just, uh, saying.


    I don't know the answer apart from mass conversion and deportment shaped by intimacy with Jesus by the book.

    Not gonna happen.

    Let's not miss the course on original sin.

    It's a very, very, very serious problem.

    Guilt and innocence, according to previous jurisprudence in America, was built on evidence and jury deliberation more than accusation.

    The church used to have even higher standards.

    Go back to Matthew 18 and Galatians 6 again.

    Sadly, I think that's changed for less than good.

    So, again, I don't have any answer; except one: "Come, Lord Jesus!"


    BTW, have you seen how those from the left and right in DC are using our tax dollars to hide sexual harassment in Congress?

    It's almost like Hillary enabling Bill with the help of their ideological buddies in media and education and churches while destroying credible victims of the harassments and crimes of her sexual predator hubby.

    Anyway, if I had the guts, I'd write to my Congressman and copy local media: "Because it's our money and you work for us, we expect you to reveal who used that account to pay off the victims of sexual harassment by members of Congress.  If you can't/won't do that, we must assume you are on the list."

    This is going to get much, much, much worse.

    Maybe we need a national study on Exodus 20:16.


    Not fashionable.


Blessings and Love!


Shatter the sound of silence!

Wake up!  Look up!  Stand up!  Speak up!  Act up for Jesus!

Salt!  Shine!  Leavenate!




JP said...

I will sign your legal consent form and allow you to hug and kiss me should we ever are in others company.
You are right that we have entered a new day. Anyone can say something happened and we have to prove it did not. What was acceptable in a different time is now condemned. When we forget the time, culture, understanding of the day, we do a disservice to those ho walked before us. Maybe they walked blindly, but they walked thinking they were right.

Today, we live by what our lawyers allow. Our churches are governed by insurance companies and law firms rather than by the compassion and acceptance that Jesus offered those sinners in the eyes of the righteous.

Love you, brother

JP said...

Just trying to stay in step and lend another voice to your statements.

The Jewish people crafted a golden idol to fall down before, and today we bow down in utter reverence to the clauses in our liability policies and ourcurch statements that distance us from those who break those policies. One God in gold, one on paper--the end result the same, it seems to me.

Dr. Robert R. Kopp said...


Well said, brother!

Bill said...

One of your best. Very well put and very blunt and absolutely right on.