Friday, July 30, 2021



(John 3:19-21)


Vax Wars

The vax wars have begun.

One side is fueled by fear and trust in men that murder babies and don't have an eternal peace by grace through faith in Jesus precipitating existential peace.

The other side is spiritually iconoclastic via the first table of the big ten in Exodus 20 or psychologically rebellious and politically libertarian.

Then there are those somewhere in between.

You know the kind.

They walk down the middle of the road and get whacked by both sides.

While only Jesus can bridge the, uh, separating sociospiritual distance, most people even in pulpits and pews have distanced themselves from Him when it comes to Psalms 20 and 62, Matthew 5:3, 1 John 4 and related Biblical counsel.


That's the transliteration of a very fascinating Greek word that's sooooooo metaphorical to today's vax wars.

Parenthetically, no, I'm not going to define it.  Look it up!  Part of teaching and preaching and undershepherding to the Good Shepherd  is to elevate not dumb down.  Besides, if you can google some of the...

Getting back to the vax wars with all of the pain and suffering attached to it to which no one has been immune, anyone paying attention knows the CCPC19 is unprecedented, fluid and incrementally unfolding with diametrically opposed experts on its magnitude and duration.

In lay terms, nobody really knows what the anything but heaven is going on.


That's why there's been no consistency when it comes to appropriate antidotal deportment.

I keep thinking of the person that told me that she was following the science when it comes to the CCPC19.

I asked, "Which one?"

She said, "The right one!"

Oh, O.K.

Sounds like a Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Missouri Synod Lutheran and Roman Catholic discussing who's more saved with any connection to what Jesus said about it being coincidental with a Methodist playing mediator.

Anyway, while I may be wrong, I am going to stop getting into tinkling contests and focus on evangelism to all and discipling to the willing.

I don't know who's right or wrong on this challenge.

So I'll just stick to what I know for sure in a John 3 and 14 kinda way.

If you want to stand strong, stand with Jesus!

Blessings and Love!






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