Thursday, August 12, 2021

If You Are Afraid to Die


(John 3:19-21)


"If You Are Afraid to Die"

This, for me, will be uncommonly brief and to the point.


While God's truth in Jesus by the book as enlightened by the Holy Spirit who never contradicts Jesus by the book is never wrong, I have been wrong many times in my life and ministry.

So taking His lead from Luther at Worms and paraphrasing a bit, I invite correction if shown I am wrong by Jesus, Holy Scripture and common sense informed by the Holy Spirit.

Uncommonly, for me, concise corpus.

Just like every real-deal-Jesus-loving-Bible-believing-Holy-Spirit-encouraged believer, I have never feared death since receiving Jesus into my head, heart and gut as Lord and Savior.

I'd rather not go out in a lotta pain or use a spiritual gift used once; pero I, like all Christians, believe heaven awaits the first nano-second apres the last breath.

Because I, like all Christians, believe that I'm going to heaven - read Luke 23:32-43 and Revelation 21 for a description of heaven - after the last breath by grace through faith in Jesus, I'm not afraid to die.

Heaven sounds, uh, divine.

So if you're afraid to die, it must mean you don't believe in the greatest, bestest and mostest awesomeest promise from Jesus for everyone who  believes in Him in a John 3:16, 11:25-26, 14:1-6 and so on kinda way.

Or maybe there's another reason.

Maybe you're like Rick Warren's daddy who kept saying as he died, "Gotta save one more!  Gotta save one more!"

Maybe you really get Matthew 28, Mark 16 and Acts 1.

Maybe you really want everyone to get to know Jesus, receive Him as Lord and Savior and live confidently in the assurance of living forever.


Maybe you don't want to die because you want to share Jesus with people before they die so they don't fear that inevitability that no one escapes; for, someday, everybody will return from the funeral but you, me or them.

Still, as a believer, you're not afraid to die.

So if you are afraid to die, you know what that means.

It means you don't really believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior and don't really give a heaven about anybody else.

P.S. If you are afraid to die, make an appointment with me or someone who really believes in Jesus as Lord and Savior to pray to receive Him into your life as your personal Lord and Savior so you can stop worrying about what you can't avoid but can overcome.

Blessings and Love!






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