Monday, December 20, 2021

Worship Broadcasts Down on Corner of L&M


(John 3:19-21)


Worship Broadcasts Down on Corner of L&M


Despite being an adjunct professor of homiletics spiced with liturgics at two seminaries, I've never ever watched or listened to myself messaging on cassette, video, radio, television, Facebook or, uh, anything anywhere at anytime.

 Two reasons.

 1. I did watch a recording of me being interviewed by a television station in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania about one of my non-best-selling books.  It was an apocalyptic moment for me.  I realized why my books don't sell and haven't written another since.

2. Maybe it was Virginia Damon.  She was an acting coach for some of "The Honeymooners" and taught a speech class that I attended while trying to pick up another worthless degree.  She was tough.  We called her VD for short.  After my audition, she said, "Well, you're not a basket case."

 So I didn't know our worship broadcasts have been down for over two weeks until I got a note saying they must have been sabotaged by the unholy trinity, mainliners, sideliners, and former members that hate me for praying and laboring to take "their" small c church away from them and give it back to Jesus with Revelation 18:4 in mind for those that continue religiously in innocuous to apostate assemblies because Jesus doesn't really matter that much to 'em.


 Still, I was kinda ticked yesterday.

 My mom and dad wanted to watch.

 They're in their 90s and have to stay home now; unlike the folks who say they can't but still make it to the salon and saloon...or still swallow that, uh, hyperbole, hysteria, and histrionics about the CCPC19.

 Yeah, I thought the message was more inspired than indigested - more prophetic than pablumatic that ain't palatable for the lukewarm that show up to feel good about themselves with faith only coincidental to Jesus by the book.  Some people just go through the motions like mindless drones being anesthetized by professional actors that say nothing yet say it eloquently; especially if they had VD to train 'em.

 Pero there are some really gifted remnantal communicators of the gospel around like Adam, Braun, Brian, Chuck, Dan, David, Doug, Jim and so on that, like yesterday during the message, I've been recommending to people that hate me in a Christian kinda way but, moretheless, still need to be in worship and about soul-winning, discipling, and Matthew 25 ministries (existential and eternal).  So I feel really good about those that have switched channels to 'em because we're not broadcasting anymore.

 They'll stay.

 Fine with me.

 As anyone that actually tunes in when I'm in the saddle knows, I always pray increased attendance for faithful churches while, psst, also praying that the ones that aren't disappear because of their Matthew 23 infection rates.

 What really ticked me off yesterday was my mom and dad and a handful of others missed out on the most beautiful and moving and faithful music that I've heard since I've been on the Corner of Lincoln and Main.  

 Totally awesome!

 Music at His best aligns hearts with Him and HIs.

 Anybody that made it to worship on 12/19 was aligned.

 I also feel badly for Anthony, Brian, Kenny, and Wayne that have been trying so hard to get us back on line, Facebook, YouTube, or whatever site broadcasting our never-locked-out-never-cancelled-in-person worship.

 Pour moi, I'm a Romans 8:28 kinda guy.

 There's gotta be a good reason and blessing in store for the Corner of L&M because it's been reborn over the past two years and increasingly populated by people that really get it/Him.

 So I don't know when, if ever, we'll be back broadcasting.

 All I know, as this time of the year reminds us, It's more about incarnation anyway.

 One more thing.

 "If you want to stand strong, stand with Jesus!"







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