Sunday, February 27, 2022



(John 3:19-21)



I like snow.

One of my best memories comes to mind.

When a son - representing all of the best memories of my sons - and I were sledding down a gentle slope in Pennsylvania when he was in grade school, he kept yelling as we went up and down and up and down and up and down, "I never want to stop doing this!"

Me either.

I want to do that forever.

I think of that whenever it snows.

I like snow.

2" or less...if you know what I mean.

Snow covers the brown and barren corn fields, potholes, leafless trees and other natural scars with divine beauty.

It also reminds me of Psalm 51: "Teach me wisdom...Purify me...Wash away my sins and I will be whiter than snow."

Snow reminds me of how Jesus covers up our scars and forgives our sins by grace through faith.

Of course, it gets dirty as we drive on it and it melts and starts to blend in with the unsightliness of those natural scars.

We're like that.

Then it snows again...just like Jesus always comes through again and again and again with His grace, mercy, and forgiveness wrapped in divine love.

It never ends.



Jesus gets the last word.

Thank You.

I like snow.
Blessings and Love!






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