Monday, March 7, 2022



(John 3:19-21)




Dowey, one of three excellent enduring commentators on The Book of Confessions, said during a lecture on Luther's comment about poneros "appearing as an angel of light" that the Stones understand the father of lies: "Confusing is my game.  Can you guess my name?"


The CCPC19 is no longer a threat to destroy humanity.


Cowardly lion: "I do believe in miracles.  I do.  I do.  I do."


Lots of theories on why/how it disappeared so suddenly.


It's being, uh, unmasked.


It has always been unprecedented, incrementally unfolding, and fluid with diametrically opposed "experts" on its magnitude and duration.


Everybody had a favorite science.


People picked sides.


"Feed me, Seymour!"


Fortunately, the hyperbole, hysteria, and histrionics are being exposed slowly, steadily, and solidly.


It's going to be embarrassing.


Unfortunately, irreparable damage has been done to the republic...especially our children.


Of course, it was/is real.


Just not as bad as...scroll down.




Kinzinger, representing one side, wants a "hot war" with Russia.


After destroying his own political career, I guess, like Putin, he doesn't really care about anybody else anymore.


46, representing another side that seems to be ahead at the moment, is mad at Putin pero not about to force a hand close to the button.


Z, appealing to our humanity to side with Kinzinger because he doesn't have that much to lose anymore either, is an abortionist who likes prostitution; so I'm not really sure about...


All I don't know for certain is no one among the aforementioned reminds me of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr. or...Jesus.


Come to think of it, I haven't heard anyone mention Jesus.






During all of the above and so much more or less, I've watched school boards and church boards with all of the serious stuff by concentrating on the irrelevant.


You know what I mean; and if you don't, get a six-pack and watch the Bulls.


I guess that's the best way to handle stuff when you can't handle it anymore.


Scroll down.


Yeah, I guess that works.


Sifting would help.



Blessings and Love!






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