Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Pan-Seasonal Prayer of the Priesthood of All Believers


(John 3:19-21)


Pan-Seasonal Prayer of the Priesthood of All Believers

Father God,

The Torah teacher said You are the most tragic figure in the Bible.

Well, yeah; and it hasn't changed since the war began in the garden.

You give, give, give and people still disbelieve, disrespect, disobey, and divide Your family and sing their new song, "Blest be the tie that doesn't bind...We aren't one in the Spirit...And they'll know we aren't Christians by our odium."

Surely, that gift of myrrh at the manger wasn't so strange after all.

Isaiah 53 comes to mind.

You are crucified daily.

I think of a colleague not of You or me that couldn't understand Your-through-his care for a man imprisoned for horrible crimes.

When the book was opened to Matthew 25 and the we-do-because-He-said-so was offered as command not suggestion, the scornful scowled and snorted with sulfuric smoke from her/his spirit, "Well, Jesus was wrong!"

Isn't that what the masked concealing their identity behind the trappings of religion coincidentally related to Jesus by the book admit when reducing Your sanctity of all human life to a personally selfish choice ignoring/murdering the unborn's life while defying her/his Creator, inverting sexuality, and mocking nuptials along with the plethora of insults to Your holiness with Sodom and Gomorrah reimagined fidus?

Jesus was wrong?

Darkest/damned blasphemy at its utterance.

So with Jude whispering of the devilish that have slithered in among the posing as sleeper cells of Antichrist's spirit "already in the world," I ask Your strength and patience to keep on keepin' on with gospel.

I beg postponed rapturo/harpazo with John 3:16-17 tempering.

May my eyes and ears be so tuned into You that the betrayals of Psalm 55 not distract, dissuade, detour, or discourage.

Keep me wise as a serpent to protect sheep from predators of soul infinitely more than body (toughminded) and gentle as a dove to cradle the wounded (tenderhearted).  

I renew my reception of You as Lord and pledge a life of greater gratitude by faithful countenance, confession, and conduct because You are the Savior of my soul destined for paradise while enduring and overcoming these increasingly eschatological mean times.

I thank You for enfleshing in Jesus as the perfect pattern of fidelity and remaining as Spirit to enlighten and compel Holy Scripture's prescriptions for behaviors confirming belief.

I acknowledge You as Victor; knowing the tragedies of infidelity scarring history are about to be erased at parousia.

Your weeping in Matthew 23:37-39 is fixed in time.

Your triumph is eternal and shared by anyone/everyone believing and receiving You as Lord and Savior by grace through faith in Jesus.

I do.

So my highest goal, greatest ambition, and most fervent prayer is to be Yours in all things at all times in all places with all people.

I want to help make the paths straight for You.

May the baby away in a manger smile and move decisively past the myrrh at the rapidly approaching Matthew 25 and Revelation 20 judgment.

I pray as I seek to live in the name of Jesus.


Blessings and Love!






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