How Can You Help/Join The First Response Team?

July 2011


Our Lord's quickening is quickening on the corner of Lincoln and Main!

Thanks to our Project Team (Jan, Carl, Dale, Pat, and Rick), our Blessings Campaign is expanding the wineskin at a glorious pace and efficiency!

Our partnership to bring relief to Joplin through Pastor Cliff Mansley and New Creation Church has generated leaven that is infecting our family of faith with expanding fidelities!

As I've become fond of saying, I feel like we've grabbed onto the coattail of the Holy Spirit for a great ride to holy communion and intimacy with Him and His!

Our fledgling First Response Team is preparing for more calls/compellings; and while we will continue our partnership with Joplin's NCC which remains a big part of our call/compelling to establish/expand our FRT, we will be concentrating on responding to such events within a 500 mile radius of Belvidere within 24-48 hours with prayer, presence, muscle, food, water, toiletries, First-Aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, S&R, $, and the like.

Indeed, part of our Blessings Campaign now includes plans to build a magnormous closet in my study to store the aforementioned for immediate aka "first" response; and it's not too early for you to start helping us stock up. Just call us (815-544-6402) and ask when you can drop off more stuff! Regularly!!!

Whenever an event occurs, we will sound the alert via our family of faith's e-mail list - and if you're not on it, give us your address right now to stay posted and receive more inspirations/indigestions than you can... - and head out.

Get this!

One of our elders just purchased his own truck to be prepared!

And if you have been especially blessed to bless, do not hesitate to come see and pray with me about a special opportunity or two. Uh, try to call ahead so we can spend quality time together. If not, just come!

Yes, the quickening is quickening on the corner of Lincoln and Main and you are a big part of it/Him!

Stay posted about these blessed opportunities, announcements, and developing opportunities/announcements by reading the bulletins and newsletters carefully along with occasionally clicking on,, and

Blessings and Love!