I Just Wanna Ride (FTW)

I Just Wanna Ride (FTW)
Appearances/Book Signings
(Updated 06/13/2012)

I Just Wanna Ride (FTW)

Appearances and Opportunities

July 14
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Woodstock Harley-Davidson
2050 S. Eastwood
Woodstock, Illinois

August 7
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame
999 Main Street
Sturgis, South Dakota

October 2
6:30 p.m.

Ida Public Library
320 North State Street
Belvidere, Illinois

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One man's ride to real faith...

It's raw, rough, real, and maybe even redemptive; and he could lose his day job for writing about it!  I Just Wanna Ride is an Ivy League pastor's search for authentic faith on a motorcycle after he couldn't find it after years in academics, pulpits, or pews.  From his immersion into biker culture since watching Easy Rider as a teen-ager, the author holds no punches in this provocative, edgy, and risky look at hogs and those who ride 'em as a metaphor and challenge to believers and bikers.  Too authentic for "church ladies" and too concerned about "faith" for secularists, this book demands reading by all of 'em if any of 'em still care about Who and what matter most sooner or later and definitely in the end.

I Just Wanna Ride (FTW), released 1/1/12 by Black Oak Media, Inc., is available via www.amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and other relevant bookstores, http://blackoaktitles.wordpress.com/new-releases/i-just-wanna-ride-ftworders@blackoakmedia.org, and directly from RRK.

If you'd like to order directly from me, I can offer some discounts because my publisher is very generous with his authors; and I'd like to pass some savings along to you if you're interested for your club, business, church, and whatever along with a really great deal!

Retail price for the book is $13.95; but here's what I can offer with thanks to my publisher:

    Single copies for $12.

    Ten copies for $115.

    Fifty copies for $500.

    Add a few $  for postage/handling

And now - drum roll - the really great "Uncle Doug's Idea" deal!

A copy of I Just Wanna Ride (FTW) and a copy of Fifteen Secrets (235 pages of life lessons formerly valued at $15) and a "I Just Wanna Ride" black hat with red lettering ($15 value) for only $30 (and that includes postage/handling). 

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Direct Orders
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Early reviews:

North Carolina:

    "I never liked you after you left us and told us where
    to stick our steeple, but now I understand you.  You're
    a split personality somewhere between Patch Adams
    and Pale Rider.  I still don't think I like you, but I
    couldn't put down your damn book once I started."

Pastor in Illinois:

    "...refreshing and constructively candid..."

Pastor in Pennsylvania:

    "This should be recommended reading for anyone
    seeking a church vocation."

Biker in Illinois:

    "You better put more seats in your church once word
    gets out about this!"

New Jersey:

    "I stopped going to church long ago because of phony
    preachers and church members.  I may have to rethink
    this.  All I could think about while reading your book is
    how I could join that kind of church."


    "You're not going to have to give up your day job after
    writing this but somebody may kill you for writing it.
    You gave me hope about a true way of doing church."

Self-identified "Church Lady" in Iowa:

    "I've never felt so insulted and loved at the same time
    in my life."

Biker in Chicago:

    "Damn!  You're balls out for what you believe!"

Lead Pastor of an Emerging Church:

    "Sweet!  But change the cover, man!"

Lawyer in Pennsylvania:

    "Must reading for truth-seekers!  I hope more than
    bikers and church people read it.  I'm not a biker
    or church person myself, but I may become both
    after reading it."

College Student:

    "If society and its churches pay attention to what
    you're trying to say, there may be hope left for the
    USA.  You say so much so quickly.  It's an easy
    read with a deep message.  I hope you go on a
    lecture tour and I can hear you in person."

Editor of Major Church News Service:

    "I took Wanna along on my California vacation...and
    read it all.  Nobody can write a book like that except
    you!  Hope it sells, and hope your church gets swamped
    with bikers wanting to hear more about Jesus!"


    "I'm not much of a reader but couldn't put this down!
    Too bad if some folks miss the message because
    they can't handle your honesty which I wish was more
    a part of my church experience.  Maybe my children
    wouldn't have left if you introduced them to real faith
    instead of what they were getting."

KDer in the Volunteer State:

    "Go, Captain Bob!"

Former Seminary Student of Author:

    "U R the Tim Tebow of the motorcycle world!"

Elder in Florida:

    "I bought your book for my Kindle on Amazon.
    I thought it was wonderful and I understand bikers
    a little more.  To be honest like your book, I get
    the same feeling on my kayak on the open river.
    And at 74, it's safer!  Have fun!  We only have a
    short time left."

That's quick; and I may add some as time goes on; especially nasty ones!

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