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Dr. Robert R. Kopp

The Rev. Dr. Robert R. Kopp
Pastor Bob
Dr. Kopp
Chaplain Bob
Professor Kopp
Along with many other names given to me by antagonists!

While you can read what I really think about this on page 161 of I Just Wanna Ride or go to the egotistical version on pages 234-235 of my non-best-selling book Fifteen Secrets, here’s a real brief summary for the curious, suspicious, distrusting, and cynical…like me:

Born on March 2, 1952 in Washington, D.C.

Non-distinguished graduate of Wyoming Valley West High School (1970), maxima cum laude (Wow!) graduate of King’s College (1974), Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary (1977), and Doctor of Ministry from Drew University (1982).

Lots of studies in Germany, Rome, Geneva, and Israel.

Is this getting impressive or what?

Professor of Homiletics at Nazarene Seminary and Carolina Divinity School.

Pastor of churches since May 8, 1977 ranging in size from just over a 100 to a shade under 3000.

Those last two paragraphs are really important to clergy who are into size and status regardless of what Jesus or Paul said or people figure out sooner than later.

Five non-bestsellers before I Just Wanna Ride which, uh, I think is more important than anything so far that’s come, I think, from Him into my noodle.

Lots of other stuff to impress those impressionable posing clergy; but I’m most proud in a Christian kinda way of being a police chaplain for Belvidere and Boone County (Illinois) and just completing five years as P of a big junior tackle football league.  Of course, my day job is undershepherd of Belvidere’s First Presbyterian Church.

Seriously, it’s about who you are more than what you do or have done.  I’m still working on the first part of that last sentence; meaning I’m just scratching the surface of…

To contact Dr. Kopp about possible church mediation or to comment on his books and columns please email him at drkopp@inwave.com.  He can be reached by U.S. Mail at

Dr. Robert R. Kopp
C/O First Presbyterian Church
221 N. Main Street

Belvidere, IL  61008

Kathie Goymerac
KD's Web Chic!

  • Born October  1970 in Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Graduated in 1992 from Cambria-Rowe Business College, Johnstown, Pennsylvania with a degree in Business Management
  • Experienced with all aspects of accounting
  • Designed and implemented accounting systems and accounting controls for several corporations
  • Self-taught web designer/graphic designer
  • Currently a stay-at-home Mom to 2 great kids!
If you would like to make a donation, become a sponsor on the Kopp Disclosure Website or purchase one of Dr. Kopp's books please contact Kathie Goymerac. 

Kathie is KD's FreiwilligKoppmeisterbeidiegnadenwahl
(aka Webmaster/Accountant/Leash-holder).  You can reach her at


Kathie Goymerac
208 Briarwood Drive
Poplar Grove, IL  61065

Bill Villont
bnnsradio.com founder and KD Radio Dude
My name is Bill Villont.
I am an almost 66 year old electronics Geek who will be retiring from full time work on my birthday in March of 2011.  I began my electronic career in 1960, 40 years ago with an old reel to reel recorder borrowed from my local grade school where I worked part time.  I was planning on becoming a minister and I practiced preaching on the recorder, eventually leading to other recorded events and doings.
In 1968 I became a Belvidere police officer after moving to Belvidere in 1967 and in 1972 I fell in love and got married to a woman who I instantly fell in love with the moment I met her.   And today she is my best friend and still my wife of 38 years.  I retired as a police sergeant from the Belvidere Police Department in 1991 after battling cancer and major surgery that has changed my life forever.
I worked for a local funeral home for 11 years before leaving there and joining a bank you can actually like, (you guessed it) Alpine Bank where I am currently the building specialist (maintenance) guy.
I still have a fantasy of electronics and my room at home looks like a small version of Best Buy.  I have always had an aspiration of getting into radio and on October 4, 2009 that dream came to pass as I began transmitting, via the Internet, BNNS Internet Radio. (BNNS stand for Belvidere's Network, News and Sports Radio).
I believe my purpose in life is to serve other and do whatever I can for them regardless of the cost to me.  The radio station is helping to serve that purpose by bringing news and entertainment to the Belvidere Boone County area, as well as making Belvidere known to the world.  (Isn't the Internet wonderful)?  My fantasy has finally come true, which is a feat that evades many.
God has been good to me in so many ways, (far too many to list here), despite some most trying times in my life.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many good people who share my passion of service to others.
I will die happy as I have completed or accomplished most everything I have wanted to do in my lifetime, except preaching the word of God.  but, that is God's decision, not mine, as He has other plans for me that one day I will learn what that is.
God's blessings on all of you and remember...
"Everyday Above Ground Is a Good One!"
Bill can be reached at bnnsradio@gmail.com