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Book Reviews!

When Bob Kopp takes his incredible gift for the language, mixes it with his passionate faith, and then applies it to paper, watch out!  You are going to have the dust shaken off your normal thought patterns and you are going to have the fires of your faith stoked.  His latest effort is no exception!
                       Dr. Howard Edington
                       Senior Pastor, Providence Presbyterian Church
                       Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Bob Kopp writes in a provocative style that will draw you into the presence of Jesus.  The Jesus Bob will have you encounter is the one who is written about in the Bible.  The Jesus of the Bible has directed Bob’s life in many difficult situations in the church.  Bob has experienced highs and tremendous lows in the life of the church, and so has expertise in presenting the church that Jesus would love.  Bob first and foremost is not a theologian or writer but a lover of Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
                        The Rev. Paul Roberts
                        Founder, The Confessing Church Movement
Bob Kopp, with brilliant mind, quick wit, broken heart and the ability to articulate a strong orthodox theology, has a grasp of the church of our time.  You will be enriched, challenged, and drawn back to a refreshing New Testament Churchianity.
                        Dr. Bob Griffin
                        President, Rockford Renewal Ministries
                        Rockford, Illinois
Dr. Kopp understands our culture as few preachers do, and addresses crucial issues of our time with Biblical faithfulness and prophetic insight.
                        Dr. Tony Campolo
                        Renowned Author and Preacher
Bob Kopp has been up to his mischief again and we are better for it.  His faith is Biblical.  His insights timely.  His style cuts through polite chatter and engages the Christian mind to transform one’s heart.
                        Dr. Stephen M. Wilson
                        Senior Pastor, Oakmont Presbyterian Church
                        Oakmont, Pennsylvania
 The chapters in this book reveal a rare combination: a theologian’s mind with a pastor’s heart.  With humor, irony, and poignant observations, Bob Kopp addresses the tough issues that we in the church face.  Reading this book reminds me of some of my favorite and most important times: sitting down with a close friend at a small, hole-in-the-wall pizza joint to talk about the really big issues of life.  The conversation is alternately amusing and serious, light and then convicting.  Always – yes, always – I am challenged, but I also know that I have been with someone who cares and wants to walk with me.  Bob Kopp is a good friend to meet at that table.
                        Dr. Bob Davis
                        Director, The Presbyterian Forum